How to Sell Clothes Online and Double Your Profit: Best Consignment Stores to Check

Sell Clothes Online

It is easy to sell clothes online! To help you get started, we’ve listed some of the best consignment stores to double your profit!

Gone are the days of spending all your money to open a physical store or hold a yard sale and hoping for someone to pass by and check out your clothes!

The consignment stores today, connect you with shoppers from all over the world.

3 Best Consignment Stores to Sell Clothes Online

It is easy to sell clothes online and to help you get started your own online clothing business, we’ve listed some of the best online stores to help you sell your old or used clothes:

  1. Snobswap: If you are looking for a place to sell designer clothes like Fendi, Valentino, Chanel, and etc. Snobswap is the perfect place for you. In order to become a seller, you need to upload photos and descriptions of the items and wait for the website to approve the listing. They usually approve new listings within 72 hours. You can find Snobswap boutiques in New York, LA, Miami, and etc.
  2. ThredUp: Users love this site as it makes the process so much easier. Clean out your closet and send them your clothes. They will sort your clothes and inform you which ones they accept. Based on the selling price, they will pay you once the item is sold. They usually accept women’s and children’s clothes and they prefer specific brands.
  3. Tradesy: Another great store where you can sell clothes online. Upload photos of your old clothes and they will improve the photos so they look attractive and market-ready. The website takes 14.9% commision when one item is sold.

Besides these 3 best consignment stores, you can also use one of the websites below:

  • VarageSale: This website adopts the concept of yard sales meaning you can sell clothes online to people within your area.
  • eBay: When you sell clothes online on eBay, you are responsible for everything. If you sell high-quality items and have fair prices you can build a successful business.
  • Instagram: Why not use your Instagram account to promote your clothes. Find potential buyers and use PayPal to finish the transaction.

Want more side income? Want to earn extra money? Use these websites to sell your old clothes online and double your profit!