5 Ways to Sell Clothes Online

in Today's Millennial Marketplace

The millennial marketplace is a fast-moving and efficient world. Here are 5 ways on how to sell clothes online in today’s marketplace!

Let’s face it – the fashion industry has made it pretty easy to accumulate and sell clothes online, faster than we can buy them or wear them.

Even though there has been a lot of discussion around selling old clothing online, the truth is that you can eventually make money from pieces of clothing you don’t wear anymore.

Wondering where to sell clothes on the web?

Bunz Trading Zone

There was a time when consignment stores, yard sales, and eBay were the only ways to sell your clothes online, however, thanks to the good old technology, selling online is now as easy as taking a photo with your mobile phone. The millennial marketplace is a fast-moving, fun, and efficient world and you need to learn how you can be successful when selling online.

In this article, we will share 5 ways on how to sell clothes on the web in today’s competitive marketplace:

1. Facebook Groups:

Is there anything this social media platform can’t do? Facebook is a great resource for buying and selling new and old goods. There are local Facebook groups for buy and sell and they are very popular and include specific niches. One quick search and you will discover groups for selling unique and designer items, groups for residents, and much more. These groups can help you promote your items and get closer to the potential buyers. The best thing is that you can directly communicate with the buyer and offer him your professional support.

2. Trend Trunk:

This is a very popular marketplace specialized in clothes, beauty products, and accessories. Trend Trunk is available as a website and as an application. It allows users to create online stores where they can list their items and set their own payment methods and shipping terms. This marketplace is perfect for fashion lovers.

3. Instagram:

Using this social media platform as your personal online store has become an effective way to sell clothing online. The best thing about selling your old clothes on Instagram is that you can get started easily and no special rules or applications are involved. You can simply snap an attractive photo of what you are selling, use the right hashtags, and hope that your potential customers will like what you have to offer. We recommend you to make a quick research and discover the most popular tags. We discovered that #shopmycloset, #instashop, and #instasale are the most popular tags. The interested buyers can send you a direct message and you can arrange the payment, as well as, the shipping details.

4. Bunz Trading Zone:

Started as a Facebook community in Toronto, focused on helping out random people who needed items that cannot afford or had something else to offer. Today, Bunz Trading Zone has grown into a huge website and application and believe it or not – has specific locations in 12 cities in Canada. It is a place where no money is exchanged, bit whether the customer has items the seller is interested in. It is not a typical website or marketplace but it is definitely worth considering.


5. Carousell:

Download the popular app and start selling immediately. The process of creating your own account takes a few seconds. The users can set up their account and take photos of the products they want to sell. The potential buyers will start a chat with you to determine the pickup location.

Now that you are familiar with these 5 places, you can get rid of your old clothes and make a buck or two!

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